David Norsworthy on tackling two dynamic pieces as part of the SplitScreen program

David Norsworthy the newest member of the Peggy Baker Dance Projects ensemble talks about meeting Peggy, his love of dance and performing in SplitScreen.

1-Tell us about how you discovered Peggy and how you two came to work together.

aa_pbdp_davidnorsworthy_6204_fDavid Norsworthy


Peggy and I first came into contact when I invited her to attend a TOES FOR DANCE mixed-program production in 2014, which I was performing in and co-directing. We shared some time chatting and drinking tea the next week. The following year we invited Peggy to set an excerpt of her Piano / Quartet for the next TOES FOR DANCE production. It was such a joy to work with her in the studio — although our process was quite speedy! 

2- When did you know you wanted to be a dancer & why did you pursue contemporary dance specifically?

I aspired to be a film director in high school (I was theatre major at Cawthra Park Secondary School’s Regional Arts Drama Program) while I was training in dance at Canadian Contemporary Dance Theatre. It wasn’t until I attended a summer intensive, at Perry Mansfield Performing Arts School, in Colorado that I decided to pursue dance post-high school. I didn’t specifically decide to pursue contemporary dance — my focus on it has evolved naturally, through a process of following my curiosities.

3- You are performing in two pieces for SplitScreen, the first being Yang, tell us about what it’s like sharing the stage with another performer while dancing a solo.

tqn_8008David Norsworthy and Ric Borwn in Yang


It’s like dancing a solo, honestly. I can feel Ric’s presence with me but it really doesn’t feel like anything other than a solo. Peggy wants both performers to operate independently in Yang. The sense of agency is invigorating to me.

4-Split Screen Stereophonic is a duet for a couple, what dynamics and patterns would an audience member recognize? 

ctr_0633David Norsworthy and Sarah Fregeau perform in Split Screen Stereophonic

Coming together and separating again. Negotiating space. Moving in the same direction and then moving in different directions. Immediate response to sound and touch. The audience will see compassion and listening through sameness and conflict through difference.

SplitScreen runs until Feb 26th at The Theatre Centre. Click here for details & tickets.


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