The genre-defying composer Tim Motzer talks about his inspiration, creative process & and; upcoming performance with Peggy

The well-known Philadelphia-based guitarist/composer Tim Motzer will be joining us in Toronto and performing live as an accompanist to Peggy’s solo, epilogue, which is a part of the SplitScreen program. Following each show audience members will be up for a treat as Tim performs with a line-up of some of Toronto’s most talented musicians. 

tim-motzerTim Motzer


You work across so many different genres; jazz, electronica, fusion, hip-hop, soul, what inspires you to do so?

TM: I’ve crossed through many genres over my years as a guitarist. Living in Philadelphia has offered me a wide variety of playing possibilities. I must say I really enjoy collaboration and the idea of bringing my voice and hopefully something fresh to various projects that I’m involved in. These days mostly I’m focused on my own music and direction which is slightly out of genre and forging new areas of musical expression. The music on my label, 1k Recordings, offers quite a few examples of that.

You and Peggy are both working together on epilogue, a solo danced by Peggy and the music is performed live by yourself. How was this collaboration sparked? 

TM: I first met Peggy when I was working as an accompanist for her master classes in Philadelphia. I believe working together over the years created a dance/music simpatico that developed more every time we performed together. Peggy also heard some of my recorded music including Descending—an album I made and produced with German touch guitarist Markus Reuter, a duo collaboration with special guests BJ Cole, Pat Mastelotto, Theo Travis among others and invited me to write some music for her solo. 

Tell us a little about your creative process for writing the music for epilogue

TM: The music came from Descending. It was initially a duo performance recorded on a live radio broadcast in Philadelphia. Later as I worked with the material I contacted international musician friends to make contributions to certain tracks across the album. I consider it a very special recording and am still happy how the record came to be made. Peggy was drawn to this music which was expanded for epilogue. Further refinements and changes will happen during our run in Toronto!

SplitScreen (Feb 21-26) runs at The Theatre Centre (1115 Queen St. West). Click here for details & tickets.


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