Fides Krucker’s trip down memory lane…

We’re taking a trip down memory lane with each of the extraordinary artists from Phase Space. Catch up by scrolling down to the beginning with Sahara Morimoto, Sean Ling, Sarah Fregeau, Kate Holden, Ric Brown, Andrea Nann, and John Kameel Farah.

Fides Krucker

Which dance production/performance will you always remember?

There are several, almost all from the 80s. David Earle’s Sacra Conversazione set to Mozart’s Requiem in Banff, Margie Gillis dancing to Tom Waits’ songs in BC, Marie Chouinard and her L’après midi d’un faun with Debussy’s music in Ottawa, and Pina Bausch’s Cafe Müller in Toronto’s Ryerson Theatre.

Do you remember the first time you discovered Peggy Baker?

Yes I do! Peggy was dancing and Andrew Burashko was playing the piano. It must have been the early 90s. I don’t remember the name of the piece but I do remember a feeling of literal expansion within my own body as I watched her move. The breadth of her gestures and how she filled them and the way she covered the full terrain of the stage left a profound mark on me.


Peggy Baker Salon (2015) Suba Sankaran and Fides Krucker. Photo by: Makoto Hirata

What’s your earliest memory of performing?

I got to play a large role with lots and lots of words in the grade 3 play. I don’t remember what it was about…I think I got the part because I was able to memorize these long speeches. It did not feel creative but I do remember my costume… an oversized green turtleneck over tights. I think it was my grandfather’s shirt! The burden of getting all those words right, and a feeling of being ‘caught in the lights’ when we finally had an audience remains with me. It is remarkable that I returned to performing in my 20s – though I seem to avoid words!

elegant equations (2015) Fides Krucker. Photo by Dragonfly Imagery

Which choreographer, from any era, would you like to work with?

I think it would be Rudolf Laban. The time and place in which he lived and worked (early 20th century Europe) is a period I yearn for, or fantasize that I might have thrived in. He worked with weight, space and time in a way that makes sense to me and feels compatible with how I experience voice and vocal creation. He broke with tradition in his own unique way as others like Stravinsky, Schoenberg, Kandinsky and Klimt were transforming music and painting.


Peggy Baker Salon (2015) Fides Krucker and choir. Photo by: Makoto Hirata

For Peggy Baker Dance Projects:

Fides has previously collaborated with Peggy Baker to reconstruct and coach Ahmed Hassan’s vocal score for Geometry of the Circle, created the vocal soundscape for land / body / breath, which premiered in the Thomson Collection of Canadian Paintings and First Nations Objects at the AGO in May 2014 and was the vocalographer for locus plot in 2015.

Be sure to catch Phase Space, January 22-30. For tickets and info visit here


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