Kate Holden’s trip down memory lane…

We’re taking a trip down memory lane with each of the extraordinary artists from Phase Space. Catch up by scrolling down to the beginning with Sahara Morimoto, Sean Ling, and Sarah Fregeau.

Kate Holden

Which dance production/performance will you always remember?

Oh there are so many, and for different reasons. There are some that just get into your bones for whatever reason. Some dances the music could come on and I would remember almost every step.  There’s a work that the magnificent Kate Alton made for Kate Franklin and myself that stands out in particular, called Double Life. It was the first piece that Franklin and I had ever commissioned and was the beginning of a period of rapid learning, destabilization and actualization for me as an artist. The work itself has a complex interlocking pattern and a relentless beat that stuck with me.


locus plot (2015). Photo by Makoto Hirata

Who is your dream duet with?

I set out to dance my dream duet a couple of years ago with Marc Boivin and it resulted in the commission of WOULD by Mélanie Demers, which premiered in 2013 in Toronto. We are still performing the work. It’s still dreamy.


locus plot (2015). Sahara Morimoto, Sarah Fregeau, Sean Ling, Kate Holden, Ric Brown. Photo by Makoto Hirata

Which choreographer, from any era would you like to work with?

I would love to work with Crystal Pite. I know so many dancers today would also say that – and perhaps it’s an easy answer to choose a current choreographer. But I would love to get inside of her creative process.

Do you remember the first time you discovered Peggy Baker?

When I was in high school I was performing in a work of Gabby Kamino’s at fFIDA and we were on the same program as Peggy.  It could have been In a Landscape that Peggy was performing but I’m not positive as I can’t find a programme – but I do recall standing in the wings, mesmerized by her movements.

Do you have a signature dance move?

I feel like someone else could call me out on my current habits better than I can- but I do always seem to end up on the floor.


land | body | breath at the AGO (2014). Photo by Makoto Hirata

What’s your earliest dance related memory?

My first performance memory would be spinning in circles with streamers tied to my wrists – I think I was a planet…..

For Peggy Baker Dance Projects:

Kate’s repertoire with Peggy Baker Dance Projects includes Brahms Waltzes, coalesce, Night Garden, land | body | breath, and locus plot. 


Night Garden rehearsal (2012). Kate Holden, Benjamin Kamino, Sarah Fregeau. Photo by Makoto Hirata

To watch Kate in motion, join us for Phase Space, January 22-30. For tickets and info visit here


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