Sarah Fregeau’s trip down memory lane…

We’re taking a trip down memory lane with each of the extraordinary artists from Phase Space. Catch up by scrolling down to the beginning with Sahara Morimoto and Sean Ling.

Sarah Fregeau


elegant equations – free lunchtime concert series with the COC (2015). Sarah Fregeau and John Kameel Farah. Photo by Dragonfly Imagery

What dance production/performance will you always remember?

Dancing in the Canadian Opera Company’s production of Iphigenie en Tauride in 2011. The set was incredibly dramatic – it was a black box with a steeply raked stage, and the show opened with water running down the walls, the dancers frantically scrawling the names of characters on the walls in white chalk, then turning to run full speed towards the edge of the stage… I loved the raw emotion and high drama of it.

Which choreographer, from any era would you like to work with?

I’ve only seen two short works of his, but Idan Sharabi. I loved both of those pieces, the way every molecule seemed to be involved in the movement.. I saw a million joints where I know there are none. It gives the impression that many points all over the dancers’ body have minds of their own, and work in harmony or discordance, agreeing with or opposing each others’ objectives. I love the complexity that.

Do you remember the first time you discovered Peggy Baker?

The first memory I have of encountering Peggy’s work was seeing her perform Non coupable by Paul-André Fortier at the Betty Oliphant. It was so deeply personal and intimate, and I connected very strongly with how the movement seemed entirely motivated by an inner experience. That piece has stayed with me.


Spilt Screen Stereophonic (2013). Sarah Fregeau and Benjamin Kamino. Photo: John Lauener

What song are you itching do dance to?

Ohhh some sexy oldies song would be fun! I’d love to do a fun, sorta playful something to a really groovy pop song.

Do you have a signature dance move?

Yes. Signature motown dance night move: It is something like a slow hip swing with wrists tossing down repeatedly. Can also be done to the twist. Very specific.


Photo by Sean Howard (2013)

What’s your earliest dance related memory?

The first dance studio I went to was a Cecchetti ballet school inside an old one room school house outside of Owen Sound, where I grew up. We lived in a farm house 15 minutes outside of town in the other direction, so it was about a 30 minute drive to class. I remember sitting on our kitchen table before class, eating a scottish bap (a type of bun) with butter and cheese before getting in the car to make the drive there. I think that was a regular thing.

I remember the feeling of doing a temps levé for the first time.. I loved how it felt.

For Peggy Baker Dance Projects:

Sarah joined Peggy Baker Dance Projects in 2012 and has performed in Split Screen Stereophonic (Dora Mavor Moore nomination for outstanding performance by an ensemble), locus plot, land | body | breath at the AGO, and Aleatoria, Night Garden, and The Perfect Word for Nuit Blanche.


The Perfect Word (2014). Photo by Makoto Hirata

To watch Sarah in motion, join us for Phase Space, January 22-30. For tickets and info visit here


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