Sean Ling’s trip down memory lane…

We’re taking a trip down memory lane with each of the extraordinary artists from Phase Space. Catch up by scrolling down to the beginning with Sahara Morimoto.

Sean Ling

Which dance production/performance will you always remember?

When I was with Alberta Ballet, Choreographer Jean Paul Comelin reset his Requiem by Mozart.  We danced for almost the entire 45 min work, with a full chorus at the top of the stage on 10 foot risers and the orchestra in the pit.  It was amazing to be surrounded by this incredible music. The intensity of the musicians as they performed added to the physical and emotional experience of the entire cast and the audience. It was an exhausting piece, with a passion and exertion that felt transformative.

Who is your dream duet with?

Duets, are my thing. I love them and have had the good fortunate to be partnered with many talented and generous artists.  There isn’t anyone missing off my ‘Duet list”.  That said, if Peggy invited me to do a duet with her it would be another performance I would never forget.

4 Split Screen Stereophonic - Sahara Morimoto and Sean Ling - photo Makoto Hirata

Split Screen Stereophonic (2013). Sahara Morimoto and Sean Ling. Photo by Makoto Hirata

Which choreographer, from any era would you like to work with?


Do you remember the first time you discovered Peggy Baker?

Yes.  I was young and in my ballet phase when a fellow dancer took me to a drop-in class being taught by Danny Grossman, already a very cool and unusual thing in my experience up to that point. There was an incredible dancer standing beside me at the bar.  It was inspiring to be beside her and I tried to emulate the awareness she had in her movements.  Afterward, my friend told me it was Peggy Baker and I stopped short with my mouth hanging open.  If I had known at the time, I would have been far too freaked out and most likely would have tripped myself at the bar rather than actually dancing the class and enjoying the experience of moving. Hum… I guess we have done a duet together, but neither of us knew it.


locus plot (2015). Ric Brown and Sean Ling. Photo by Makoto Hirata

What song are you itching do dance to?

Life in a Northern Town by Dream Academy.  It’s been remixed a couple of times and I would dance to any of them.


Photo by Sean Howard (2013)

Do you have a signature dance move?

Undoubtedly, but ask another dancer, like Sahara, what it is.  After all, we’re usually unconscious of what we do most.

What’s your earliest dance related memory?

In Grade 3 I took tap lessons.  For the final show we were toy soldiers, with hats like the guards around Buckingham Palace. I wasn’t a very good tapper, but loved the hat.

For Peggy Baker Dance Projects:

Sean’s repertoire with Peggy Baker Dance Projects includes move, Aleatoria, and Night Garden (all for Nuit Blanche); interior with moving figures and land | body | breath at the AGO; performances of the trio coalesce in Calgary, Toronto, Vancouver, Nanaimo, New York, and Ottawa; Piano/Quartet in Toronto and Ottawa; and the premieres of Split Screen Stereophonic (2013); stone leaf shell skin and Aleatoric Duet No. 2 (2014); and locus plot (2015).

From October 2015 to December 2017, Sean is the Alision Gordon Visiting Artist supported by The Bennett Family Foundation.


coalesce (2010). Sean Ling and Andrea Nann. Photo by Makoto Hirata

To watch Sean in motion, join us for Phase Space, January 22-30. For tickets and info visit here


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