move in Kingston

In August, Peggy spent a week in Kingston at the Tett Centre for Creativity and Learning, working with 16 local performers on move – a dance installation that distills and illuminates fundamental dualities of caregiving and also of dance practice.

Cast: Fenella Baptista, Betsy Collin, Sam Crosby, Meredith Dault, Mary Farrar, Tracey Guptill, Jane Kirby, Julia Krolik, Sue Livesey, Asia Matthews, Jennifer Rees, Mark Reinhart, Kim Renders, Greg Tilson, Tammy Wang.

Following their final performance of move, we asked a few of the participants some questions about their experience.


Kingston cast of move. Photo by Paul Webster.

What motivated you to participate in this project?
Mark Reinhart: Getting the opportunity to work with Peggy.  Her reputation precedes her, and I wanted to take advantage of a chance to work with her.  Also, after researching the project and its intentions, I wanted to suture myself to the community that was to be created, and experience the meditative activity of being cared for, and caring for others.

What was the rehearsal process like for move?
Mary Farrar: The rehearsal process was incredible.  I loved the warm-ups and the moves that were completely new for me – the crescent roll for example. Muscles I had never really used before were awakened.  At first, I couldn’t sleep at night because my body was so excited by the experience.  Working with a partner also opened a new world for me.  Peggy is so conscious of each dancer’s strengths, weaknesses and style and she pairs people expertly.  The slow gentle style of movement that she revels in is one that I found personally exhilarating. Also the theme of caring and being cared for is deeply moving.  The emphasis on different spatial orientations was a bit scary as I have difficulties finding my way on the street.  I truly needed the guidance of my partner to help me know which directions to move – especially as the dance itself is re-performed facing all four directions.  Meredith was a perfect partner for me.  Watching each dancer develop and integrate with their partners over the course of the week was deeply meaningful.

What was the rehearsal process like for move?
Sam Crosby: It was JUST the right amount of time to hone our skills as a collaborative “vehicle”

Photo by Paul Webster

Asia Matthews & Sue Livesey. Photo by Paul Webster.


How do you think this experience changed your outlook on dance? Or has it?
Mary Farrar: I have come to appreciate the essence of Contemporary Dance and also the contemporary performance focus on personal growth and expression.

Were there any unexpected outcomes as a result of your participation in move?  
Mary Farrar: Actually, as a result of concentrating so much on sharing space lovingly with others, I am driving my car differently!  I now see driving as a form of dance where cars share space and accommodate one another.  Perhaps experiences like this could help those who suffer from Road Rage? HaHa.

Photo by Paul Webster

Jane Kirby & Sam Crosby. Photo by Paul Webster.

What’s your favourite moment from move, and can you describe it? Mark Reinhart: My dance partner in this piece came to the work with a loaded suitcase.  He almost did not participate.  Knowing this, I encouraged him to stay, and after we were paired, I realised that perhaps it was my role in this piece to look out for him, in many ways.  The moment before the performance, he expressed his appreciation for the space we created together, particularly in terms of his personal trajectory to the work.  Then, he asked me to tell him something vulnerable about myself, something that not many people know, so that he could have further insight as to how he could care for me.

Describe your overall experience working on move and with Peggy.
Sam Crosby: Inspiring, spiritually moving, body-intensive, full of “a-ha moments”
Mary Farrar: Peggy is amazing.  She gets each dancer to awaken the shared theme within themselves in a unique and personal way.

Kingston cast of move. Photo by Paul Webster.

Kingston cast of move. Photo by Paul Webster.

2015 was the first year of a three year residency in Kingston. Peggy will return to the Tett Centre for Creativity and Learning in 2016.

More photos from move by Paul Webster can be found here.


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