locus plot dancer: Sarah Fregeau

We only have two dancers left to meet, which means locus plot opens soon. April 24 to be exact.  Now it’s time to find out a bit more about the fabulous Sarah Fregeau. Sarah’s repertoire with Peggy Baker Dance Projects includes Aleatoria, Night GardenSplit Screen Stereophonic, land/body/breath and The Perfect Word


PBDP: On your way to rehearsal, what are you listening to?
SF: Lately, Jennifer Castle’s album You Can’t Take Anymore… it’s so calming and beautiful.

Do you have any pets?
Not unless the mice in my house count 😉

What’s your favourite snack?
Homemade popcorn with LOTS of butter.

Where are you from originally?
Owen Sound, Ontario – actually I grew up outside of the town for the first five years of my life. My family lived in an old farm-house on a property between two farms. So I grew up surrounded by cows and hay bails and country roads.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
Well that’s a tough question. I think I may end up back in the country eventually, but until then, I’d love to spend some time in Amsterdam, and to see Scotland, where my ancestors are from.

What would be the title of your biography?
I don’t think that will ever happen (writing a biography – this is not the title!)

What’s the last thing you tried to DIY?
I de-molded and re-painted my bathroom last summer.
Still no signs of mold = success!!

Tell us about your first dance class.
I can’t say I remember but I’m sure it involved a lot of running around and my poor teacher trying to get me and others to sit and point our feet in a circle.

Seeing as this is a show influenced by math – a math question! What is the square root of pi?
Well, I googled it, and in searching for the answer I discovered a baking blog called, and that’s pretty much where my search ended. I discovered that the answer is Chocolate Chip Pineapple Banana Bread and called it a day.

Stay tuned for our final interview with Sahara Morimoto. And be sure to catch all of our dancers in locus plot, April 24 – May 3. 


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