locus plot dancer: Kate Holden

locus plot, Peggy Baker Dance Projects upcoming main stage show will open April 24. Before it begins, let’s get to know our dancers a little more! Last week we met Ric Brown. Next up is Kate Holden. Kate’s repertoire with Peggy Baker Dance Projects includes Brahms Waltzes, coalesce, Night Garden and land / body / breath


PBDP: On your way to rehearsal, what are you listening to?
KH: I only listen to something if I have to travel during rush hour – to try and give myself a barrier from other people’s stress and rush. Recently I’ve been on a podcast kick and following a new NPR show called “Invisibilia“. If I’m travelling at other times of the day I prefer to listen to the city.

Do you have any pets?
My husband and I have a funny little dog named Sam. She’s a poodle mutt and ball full of love. She’s ridiculously affectionate and more than  a little neurotic.

What’s your favourite snack?
Healthy: handful of a really good dried fruit and nut mix,
Unhealthy: chips chips chips!

Where are you from originally?
Toronto. Bloor West Village to be specific.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
By the ocean somewhere a little warmer.

What would be the title of your biography?
I think someone else would come up with a better title – they’re writing it anyway right?

Which actor would play you in a movie?
Kirsten Dunst (whom I’ve been mistaken for a number of times) – but I think she would need a dancer double for the big dance scenes.


What’s the last thing you tried to DIY?
I re-purposed/retrofitted some light fixtures for our apartment.

Tell us about your first dance class.
I don’t remember it as it was some movement and music class when I was really young- but when I started learning ballet, Pia Bouman was my first teacher, when her space was on Queen West close to Roncesvalles in an old church hall.

Seeing as this is a show influenced by math – a math question! What is the square root of pi?
I just looked this up on Google and found that Pi is irrational and so does not have a definitive square root but can be estimated at 1.77……. it is also transcendental and you can’t square a circle. Which I may have known at one point in my life but I certainly didn’t recall it. I used to be at least competent in math at school but I admit to being awfully slow at some pretty basic functions now. There are too many other interesting things to work at being good at. I love that a number can be irrational and transcendental.

Stay tuned for interviews with Sean Ling, Sarah Fregeau and Sahara Morimoto. And be sure to catch them in locus plot, April 24 – May 3. 


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