Skinner Releasing Technique at the August Intensive

We are thrilled to have Julia Sasso at this year’s August Intensive with her fabulous Skinner Releasing Technique classes.  In lead up to her workshop, Julia shares with us the great impacts Skinner Releasing Technique has had on her career as a dancer and choreographer, and what we can expect in her workshop…

Photo of STDT students performing a structured improvisation using SRT principles and practices.  Photo by Andrea de Keijzer.

STDT students performing a structured improvisation using SRT principles and practices learned with Julia. Photo by Andrea de Keijzer.

What was it that drew your to learn Skinner Releasing Technique (SRT)?

JS: Initially, I had a chance encounter in NYC with the choreography of Stephanie Skura for her company Cranky Destroyers, which I found extremely compelling. Shortly after, Skura taught a weekend SRT/improvisation workshop in Toronto which I attended and which pretty much blew my mind.  That very summer (1994) I attended my first of several SRT intensives in Seattle, Washington.   So initially, witnessing compelling choreography piqued my curiosity and then experiencing the practice completely drew me in.

What type of impact has SRT has had on you as a dance artist?

JS: Enormous and profound.  SRT has positively impacted every aspect of my artistic practice as well as my life in general.  SRT has and continues to be transformative.  SRT made me a better dancer and performer and has definitely extended the longevity of my performance practice.  It has been a key factor in my creative and choreographic development & success, it has profoundly influenced my teaching & continues to make me the best teacher I’m capable of being.  SRT keeps me well & human: open, patient, fair, kind, gentle, curious, playful, thoughtful, inventive & current.

What will participants take away from your workshop?

JS: Everything and nothing – as I wrote earlier, SRT can be truly transformative: freeing, healing, energizing, inspiring, enlightening, euphoric.  The experience can be both very personal and also, communal. It’s up to each participant.  Participants take away what they wish to take away and everybody leaves behind what they no longer need: stress, unwanted ‘baggage’, negative vibes, physical pain, etc… what could be better?!

Don’t miss Julia’s week-long course in Skinner Releasing Technique at the August Intensive happening August 11 – 15 at Canada’s National Ballet School.  Register today at!


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