The Choreographer’s Trust in Action

I had the pleasure of seeing Kate Holden and Kate Franklin’s firstthingsfirst productions’ with a trace last night at the Enwave Theatre. Alongside new works created by Val Calam and Mélanie Demers, the program featured this body of memory/Brahms Waltzes, performed by Kate Holden.  She describes the piece as a “trace through the choreographic landscape of Brahms Waltzes“, a solo that Peggy choreographed for herself back in 1992 and which Kate learnt in 2002 as part of  The Choreographer’s Trust project.  I was reminded of the video I’ve linked to below while watching the piece. Shot during the one week in which Kate learnt the work, this video captures Peggy’s instructions to the four dancers learning her works at that time – instructions that they have the liberty to take the work and bring it fully into their own dance lives, which could mean having a new costume designed, or developing a new staging. Peggy gave the dancers such beautiful artistic license, and seeing how Kate had taken that license and reworked the entire solo to live within the aesthetic of this program, 11 years after she first learnt the work, was, without wanting to sound too dance-nerdy, really neat.  with a trace continues at the Enwave Theatre until Saturday Sept 21. Visit for tickets.

– Meredith Potter, manager of Peggy Baker Dance Projects since 1999.

Read Kate’s interview with Inside Toronto here, and Paula Citron’s review of with a trace in The Globe and Mail here.


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