Mind Games at the August Intensive…

We’re excited to offer a special perk to our August Intensive participants – if you’re not already registered, it’s another great reason to join us this summer!

Peggy Baker Dance Projects August Intensive 

FREE exploratory class with Benjamin Kamino

Tuesday August 13 / 6 – 7:30 / studio 5B

Telepathic dance practice and other proposals without success

Class begins with preparation of the telepathic spaces both inside and outside the body. Research is focused on subtle methods of communication, non-verbal and non-linguistic. The methods and practices that are developed to transmit messages without voice or sight are then used to transmit dances. Dances are built on the mishaps and gaps emergent in small acts communication. There is not even yet a possibility to succeed – only to communicate in an immediate and yet ‘slower way’. This class is really about empathy and being together.

No actual belief in telepathic communication is required although it is very helpful to the work.

Benjamin Kamino and Sarah Fregeau perform Split Screen Stereophonic.
Photo by John Lauener.


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