August Intensive: A Sneak Peek at the Repertoire Stream

The Repertory Stream is returning to the August Intensive this year, coached by the stunning contemporary dancers Andrea Nann and Sahara Morimoto.


Andrea and Sahara will introduce August Intensive participants to Peggy’s Unfold, a challenging and physically demanding 24-minute piece choreographed to Alexander Scriabin’s Preludes Opus 11. Working in small groups, participants will have the chance to explore a huge dynamic and expressive range while tackling Unfold. Later in the day, Peggy Baker will lead dancers in a personalized coaching session that will develop a version of the choreography unique to the dancers of the workshop.

Peggy is very committed to keeping her choreography alive by sharing it with other dancers:

“I have lived a very full and remarkably long life as a dance artist and my artistry has been shaped by the force of those experiences. Acknowledging the impermanence of my performing life, I risk losing all of the hard-won lessons embedded in these experiences if I do not actively share that with other dancers.”

This desire led to the development of the Choreographer’s Trust, an educational initiative that allows dancers to explore Peggy’s repertoire on DVD and through notation, and practice the work themselves. The idea of “trust” comes from two places: the notion that a body of work is a wealth that may be endowed, and in reference to the faith she places in her dancers to keep the works alive and well. We’re thrilled to be able to bring this choreographic legacy program to the August Intensive.

Watch excerpts of Peggy coaching Sahara through Unfold, filmed for the Choreographer’s Trust:

The August Intensive runs Aug. 12-16, 2013 at Canada’s National Ballet School. Dancers and full time dance students interested in registering for the Repertory Stream can do so at


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