Peggy’s 60th: An Incredible Season for Peggy Baker Dance Projects!

What a year!

Our 2012/13 season marked a major milestone: Peggy’s 60th birthday! True to form, Peggy celebrated by programming a busy, multi-dimensional, and very ambitious season of new works, remounts, residencies, and tours across the country.

Click to watch the birthday messages from Peggy’s friends in the dance world:

th_doug th_irene th_karen th_margie th_paul th_sabrina th_tanya






Through the support of our $60,000 for Peggy’s 60 Years Campaign donors, and our corporate, foundation, and government partners, PEggy Baker Dance Projects delivered a spectacular season of dance works. Some of our favourite moments:

Night Garden at Scotiabank Nuit Blanche: 12 dancers performing for 12 hours in a serene night gardent lit by sculptural light forms.

Watch the highlights video, built from photos taken by our audience! 

Our Dance Training Residencies: Peggy Baker Dance Projects had the pleasure to work with students of many ages, abilities, and experience levels this season. Our thanks to the beautiful dancers of Rosedale Heights School of the Arts, Sunnyview Public School, and the University of Calgary!

Peggy teaching at Rosedale Heights. Photo by Sahara Morimoto.

Peggy teaching at Rosedale Heights. Photo by Sahara Morimoto.

Stereophonic: Our Toronto program, featuring the premieres of Split Screen StereophonicAleatoric Solo No. 1, and epilogue.

“Baker offers hot-and-cold images of fraught emotion, intimacy, and detachment…It’s the kind of piece you really want to see several times.” Michael Crabb, Toronto Star

Piano/Quartet at the National Arts Centre 

Pianist John Kameel Farah: “Just finished preparing the piano. Gets more interesting each time. Since each piano’s construction differs, the preparations make each tone sound different, so I have fund with making adjustments to get an interesting sound for each note, which will have different effects for each piece. What the dancers hear and recognize in the music also affects their movement, so this has to be taken into consideration too.”


Making it Happen: Our Supporters

Last summer, we kicked off the $60,000 for Peggy’s 60 Years Campaign to support our ambitious season, and the response from our fans has been tremendous:

60 Campaign v312-13 Funding Breakdown v2


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