Piano/Quartet at the NAC

Peggy, along with pianist John Kameel Farah and dancers Sahara Morimoto, Andrea Nann, Ric Brown, Sean Ling, and Benjamin Kamino just wrapped up a fabulous run in Ottawa of Piano/Quartet. Thanks so much to our Ottawa fans for making those performances so wonderful!

A welcome gift from Cathy Levy and the NAC staff. Photo by Sahara Morimoto.

A welcome gift from Cathy Levy and the NAC staff. Photo by Sahara Morimoto.

For our friends that didn’t make it to the nation’s capital last week, we have some great writing from La Press / Maude Cucchi (en français!) and The Ottawa Dance Blog / Susan Hickman about the show:

“Voix flûtée, rires pudiques: la danseuse et chorégraphe Peggy Baker se livre par souvenirs ponctués de silences. En creux, il y a ce long laps de temps pendant lequel on ne l’a plus vue au Centre national des arts. Plus de 10 ans. La Torontoise en a désormais 60 et parle d’«une longue transition: le corps a changé, les préoccupations personnelles et artistiques aussi».” Read more here.

“Dancers generally have short-lived stage careers. But, at 60, Baker shows no lack of flexibility or stamina. In her words, ‘I believe in time it will become ordinary for dancers to dance into their 60s.’” Read more here.

While in Ottawa, Peggy performed The Disappearance of Right and Left for students at Broadview Public School. Our thanks to those wonderful young people for their enthusiasm for dance!



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