Stereophonic at the Betty Oliphant Theatre closed on Sunday. What an amazing experience!

Here are some of the Stereophonic stories that made headlines last week:

Toronto Star: 3.5 / 4 stars

“Baker offers hot-and-cold images of fraught emotion, intimacy and detachment operating within two relationships…It’s the kind of piece you really want to see several times.”

NOW Magazine

“Peggy Baker is simultaneously passing the baton and continuing to break new choreographic ground. Only a dancer could pull off such a balancing act, and Baker, though dancing a little less frequently at 60, has always been one of the best.”

Bateman Reviews

“A collection of stunning costumes, original choreography by Baker, set to evocative music and text, with piano by the brilliant John Kameel Farah, creates an evening of diverse dance that features duets, solos, and a final punctuating piece of elegant movement and gestural form that frames the overall program with a gorgeous sense of utilitarian rhythm and form.”

Don’t forget to visit our Facebook page to see all of the great onstage shots of Peggy and her dancers by John Lauener and Makoto Hirata.

Andrea Nann dances In a Landscape. Photo by John Lauener Photography.


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