Layers of Interaction: Sean Ling in Rehearsal for Split Screen Stereophonic

Dancer Sean Ling blogs about Peggy’s new work, Split Screen Stereophonic. The piece premieres on February 27 as part of Stereophonic. Book your tickets online today!


Sean Ling here, one week and a day before Peggy Baker Dance Projects opens Stereophonic for our Toronto season, and things are feeling great.

Split Screen Stereophonic, the double duet with Sarah Fregeau and Benjamin Kamino as one half, and Sahara Morimoto and myself as the other, will premiere on the 27th of this month. A duet has always been one of my favourite ways to dance and the opportunities in this double duet are both exciting and pleasing to me.

This will sound odd, but what I like about the piece is that it’s not just about the duet, but about how one individual – in this case, a woman represented by Sarah and Sahara – is changed, and how she makes different decisions because of who her relationship is with. This subtle thing can be shown only because the two duets are happening at the same time.

As we’ve gotten closer to the premiere, Sahara and I are finding more and more layers of interaction and possible choices that make the piece real and in-the-moment for us. Sarah and Benjamin, dancing in their own world next to ours, is also feeding inspiration into our actions, subliminally transmitting alternative possibilities and dynamics. I hope we’re doing the same for them.

The process in creating Split Screen Stereophonic has been wonderful. Intense at times and challenging, it has made for a piece that the dancer can grow within and revisit with their own experiences.



Sean Ling with Sahara Morimoto, in rehearsal for Split Screen Stereophonic. Photo by Makoto Hirata.



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