Music and Collage: Sahara Morimoto in Rehearsal for Split Screen Stereophonic

Artistic Associate Sahara Morimoto shares her experience building Split Screen Stereophonic. Don’t forget: you can get your tickets for only $20 if you book before February 14 with the code VALEN20. Click here to book today!

At first, Sean and I had two dances that were created to music by Jane Sibery, and because of the music, both dances had smooth, lithe, and humble feel to them. When all four of us started to be in rehearsals together, the music and the order of sequences got changed, and I feel that really shifted relationship and sensibility of our duet.

The process was little bit like cutting pictures apart to make a collage, and building a new image out of them. We were breaking phrases and movements apart, then reconstructing them into new sequences. Even after putting the whole dance together I’m still very much in search with my character. Though with the changes we’ve made, I feel that Sean and I being apart was highlighted. That really brought forward the sense of desire to be together.

One of the tracks Sahara started from was Jane Siberry’s The Walking. Have a listen on YouTube, then visit Knuckleduster’s website to hear the style of music she’ll be dancing to for the final performance. Huge contrast from start to finish!!


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