On the Road: Rehearsal Updates from Andrea

More updates from Andrea Nann about the company’s residency at the University of Alberta:

Tuesday Notes:

2:30pm media call today. Shaw Television and Fairchild and a photographer.

Once everyone but the four of us has departed, we let the funnel-shaped expanse of the University Theatre enclose us. We dance a very quiet and ‘open’ run of coalesce, each of us losing ourselves in our various ‘subterranean’ tasks while Peggy, representing the audience, becomes our eyes and external intelligence, moving from seat to seat, finding new perspectives for this work in a round house.

Afterwards we discuss perspectives and sensory feedback. This space invites observers and performers to experience the visual and visceral interplay between action / reaction, near / far, inner / outer, central / peripheral, conscious / subconscious. Peggy draws on the analogy of an ant terrarium, or a world beneath cracks in the pavement, and comments that a large fissure in the wall of the theatre evokes a sense of the space being deconstructed. Deb’s score plays an immense role, telegraphing information from the world ‘above,’ connecting us in an extraordinary urban / natural life.

Highlight: somehow the atmosphere in the space increases in density as the piece ends. It is magical.


One response to “On the Road: Rehearsal Updates from Andrea

  1. So glad you are all on this stage together, and glad I can be there in the speakers….

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