On the Road: Andrea Blogs from Alberta

Andrea Nann‘s first update from the company residency at the University of Calgary:

From the moment we arrived we have been receiving the royal treatment! First night, U of C Dance Professor Anne Flynn brought us groceries and flowers to brighten our rooms, while Melissa Monteros and Wojciech Mochniej hosted a welcome reception in their home. Other welcome wagoneers included Michelle Moss, Damon Johnson, and Joanne Baker. We shared a lot of food and laughter.

Highlight: Peggy, Damon, and Anne singing passionately with songs playing on satellite radio.

Today Sean [Ling] and I started off the day with the 2nd year students, while Peggy and Sahara launched straight into the first steps of staging a 48 person version of Unfold! We’re off and running.

Highlight: after Melissa introduced each of us to the 50+ U of C Dance Department students, Peggy said: “Now we are connected. Often we are only separated by one person, today that person is Melissa;” and then, moving towards one of the young dancers, Peggy added, “Now you and I are connected.”

More soon.


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