On the Road: Peggy Baker Dance Projects heads to Calgary

This Saturday, Peggy and dancers Larry Hahn, Sean Ling, Sahara Morimoto, and Andrea Nann set off for a two week residency at the University of Calgary. They’re spending the time in class with dance students who have been working with Peggy’s choreography Unfold, using materials in the Choreographer’s Trust DVD series, and will perform coalesce and armour on January 18 and 19 (more on that below). 

This tour is Sahara’s first time in Alberta, and she’s snapped a few pictures of the company’s adventures in Western Canada:

Getting there: Sean, Peggy, and Andrea at the airport.

Andrea at the airport...stretching is very important, kids!

Andrea at the airport…stretching is very important, kids!

Andrea, Peggy and Sahara looking VERY happy to get a ride from the airport!

In addition to dancing coalesce and armour, Peggy will give audiences an Audio Action Tour of the two choreographies, providing insights into her inspirations, the movement vocabulary, and the source material for both works. Peggy shared a brief glimpse into what she has in store for Calgary audiences in a recent interview:

“The thing that really touched me about these social insects [in Lewis Thomas’ The Lives of a Cell] was their communication in this kind of utopian society. Each individual contributes in an intuitive way to building something none of them could do on their own.”

We’ll share more updates on their Calgary adventures soon!


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